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Thread: Batch Ripper Trouble Under WINE

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    Batch Ripper Trouble Under WINE


    Spoon, I know running dBpoweramp on Linux under WINE is not supported, but I am *SO* close to getting it to work! So please bear with me.

    I've got the latest dBpoweramp Reference 16.3 along with the latest Batch Ripper. Running it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with WINE (version doesn't seem to matter).

    Discs rip almost perfectly under CD Ripper. The caveat is that they will not eject after ripping. I learned from other threads about Batch Ripper and ejection problems under Wine that Wine is somehow holding onto the disc. I found a way to interrupt this by adding a "Run External" DSP effect that runs WINE's "eject.exe -u D:". This makes WINE unmount the disc, and then CD Ripper is able to eject the disc after ripping.

    I run two optical drives in my computer. I can run two copies of CD Ripper and with this DSP effect, I'm good to go.

    However, I *want* to use Batch Ripper for all it's added benefits of keeping track of discs that have already been ripped (tracking their inaccuracies, rejected discs, etc), and it's just nice having once interface that can manage both drives instead of stacking two CD Ripper windows on the screen.

    But Batch Ripper is insane under WINE (running in Auto Eject - Manual Mode). There are two major problems: Incorrect disc identification and ejection after ripping is complete.

    It doesn't seem to detect audio discs like CD Ripper does. It will often reject a disc because it thinks it's not an audio disc. Or sometimes it'll be real laggy with metadata look-ups. It's just kinda nuts. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I had read in some forum thread that Batch Ripper and CD Ripper do not use the same code for disc identification. Is that true? Is there some external DLL that Batch Ripper relies on (that CD Ripper does not) that maybe I could import into my WINE environment to solve this?

    The ejection problem isn't solved by the same "Run External" DSP effect trick. I suspect there is some timing issue in the hand-off between Batch Ripper and CD Ripper. It would be most slick if I could modify the Unload CLI to insert a call to WINE's eject.exe just before UnLoad.exe is called. Is there any way to do that?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Batch Ripper Trouble Under WINE

    If detection is not working 100% there would be little point in modifying the unload.exe to work on wine.

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    Re: Batch Ripper Trouble Under WINE

    Yeah, I was kinda hoping you'd give your educated guess on why detection works great with CD Ripper, but not Batch Ripper. What's different? And then I could take that clue to the WINE developers to try get a fix.

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