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Thread: How do I save my current Metadata Edits for a CD?

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    Question How do I save my current Metadata Edits for a CD?

    Hello All,

    I have mostly classical music CDs which often have much more complex metadata than modern ones. With dBPA CD Ripper running I insert my CD, the metadata is downloaded, but often there are typos, etc. and masses of detail I need to change for purposes of accurately categorising my music. Sometimes there are 30 or 40 tracks on a single CD, often with very long track titles, so I may not complete my editing in one session.

    I was under the impression that my edits were stored in cache - but tonight I had done about 1.5 hours of work on a very detailed CD then closed my computer down to continue at another time. To my horror, when I restarted the program (with the CD still inserted), the program downloaded the original metadata again, so all my edited work was lost! I tried retrieving it by having dBPA Cache as the only metadata download option ticked but to no avail - it was all gone.

    Can someone please tell me how I can do progressive saves so that I don't have to complete a whole CD in one sitting? Or are my edits lost forever unless I do this? I'm positive I have done it before so maybe someone can suggest a solution?

    Kind regards

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    Re: How do I save my current Metadata Edits for a CD?

    The only way to save metadata edits is to exit CD Ripper or eject the CD and this saves the CD data to the cache. So, it looks like the edits weren't saved to the cache and are lost.

    Regards saving CD data to a database or text file etc. because as you say many hours work can be lost, this has been requested before, but sadly, has never been implemented.

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    Re: How do I save my current Metadata Edits for a CD?

    Thanks for your quick reply mville.

    Yes, I hadn't ejected the CD and you're right, that's most likely why I lost the data. I had been doing this previously but had forgotten it - seems rather counter-intuitive eh?


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