Hi, I have a very large collection (around 42,000) tracks, of which around 30% are hi-rez. In order to deal with all the various download managers, my primary folder sort is by source (eg HDTracks; Linn; Presto; LP Rip; etc). Both Roon and JRiver easily create libraries from this.

BUT, in order to listen to music in the car I use two iPod Classics, and in order to load these, I created a separate 'CAR MUSIC' master folder, and used Batch Converter to copy/convert all my music to VBR LAME MP3, outputting the result as [Album Artist]\[Album]\[Track No.]. [Artist] - [Track].

For 95% of my music this gives me pretty much what I want (though I'd love to replace [Album Artist] with [Composer] for most classical music).

In about 5% of my music this results in very long identical entries for both [Album Artist] and [Artist], often overrunning the maximum allowed letters, and resulting in the files being spread across multiple folders with identical names with various levels of truncation.

When I explored these files, it seems that the thing they have in common is an entry for 'contributing artist' - often including every player that played on the track - and it seems that somehow the process of converting and renaming in Batch Converter substitutes 'contributing artist' for both [Album Artist] and [Artist].

Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance for any good ideas/solutions. Apologies if I've overlooked a 'duh' moment.