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Thread: Tagging songs

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    Tagging songs

    I have several thousand songs located on an external hard drive that were transferred there from my olive server. They were in the WAV format but, although I am computer illiterate, I think I have succeeded in changing them to the flac format which I understand is a precursor to final tagging.
    However I have not been able to get them tagged despite trying DBpower amp and other software.
    I would like to send the external hard drive to someone and pay them to tag the songs for me. If anyone is interested, or knows anyone who may be interested, in doing this for me, please contact me at
    warren.kice at gmail.com or call me at 469 662 9575

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    Re: Tagging songs

    Did the WAV files have tags? If not, there are no tags to transfer over. If that is the case, did the WAV filenames/folders contain info (album, artist, track number, song title, etc.). If so, there are ways to extract the file name information and use to complete tags.

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