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Thread: Rip Status & CRC

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    Rip Status & CRC

    I've just ripped an album that appears to have no prior AccurateRip info, so all tracks ended up being scanned multiple times. Also all tracks seemed to need several ~10-30 frames re-ripped.

    At the end of all that, the 'Rip Status' for all tracks showed a greyed out 'x AR' (= not in AccurateRip database?), a green 'i' (= frames re-ripped OK?) and 'Secure'. I took that to mean all tracks were ripped as accurately as possible.

    However, the 'CRC' for the first 8 tracks was red, but all the rest were black. Can anyone tell me what that means?

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    Re: Rip Status & CRC

    It means you have previously ripped those first 8 tracks, perhaps cancelled the rip, then reripped. Red means it does not match the last rip.

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