Dear Spoon,

This seems to have been requested a number of times over the years - I'd love to have the ability to combine consecutive groups of tracks into ripped tracks when ripping. (not just one group of tracks at a time as currently in Rip as 1.)

This is easily achievable in iTunes (cough) and is of particular use when ripping audiobook CDs which have been split into short tracks.

For example a CD might have Chapter 1 starting at track 1 and ending at track 8, chapter 2 can be 9-13, chapter 3 14-18, and chapter 4 19-21.

In iTunes you can highlight tracks 1-8 and select "join CD Tracks" from the settings menu. You can then do the same for 9-13, 14-18 and 19-21, and only then hit the rip button and it will combine the relevant tracks and rip each chapter into a separate file. iTunes also concertinas the original track names into one long ID3 tag for the title.

This is the only thing I still have to use iTunes for and I'd love this ability to be incorporated into db CD Ripper.

Thanks for your time, WM