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Thread: Which tags used to sort in Album Artist view

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    Which tags used to sort in Album Artist view

    Previously in Album Artist view all my CDs were sorted nicely by first name then last name. Recently I used "SongKong for Melco" to parse my music and add new tags. This has messed up the sort order in Album Artist and now I have a mixture of some which are sorted by last name and others that are sorted by first name.

    What tags does Asset look at during the sort for Album Artist? It's being affected by the new ones created by SongKong and no longer just using "Album Artist". I would like to remove these tags so sorting is back to <first name> <last name>.

    Alternatively is there a way to force Asset to only use "Album Artist" tag when sorting in Album Artist view, and ignore other tags?

    I hope this question makes sense.


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    Re: Which tags used to sort in Album Artist view

    Album Artist Sort

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