In [Perfect Tunes / ID Tags], using view by Album (i.e. the view with the album covers)
The full title of the album is not readable because the text field is too small. It is not possible to see the complete text, even by 'hovering' over the text
I need to be able to see the full text to review it, without having to click on each album cover

Also in In [Perfect Tunes / ID Tags], View using [Sort Tags] [Album Sort tags]

Again the full rtext is not visible - the only way to see it is to click on the arrow, and then hover over the text BUT
For album titles ending with 'disc 1', or 'disc 2' etc. - clicking the ARROW sign always moves the disc number to the front - this is definitely not helpful or required.

PLATFORM and Graphics Resolution ----

I have Windows 10, Text size is 125% (recommended), resolution 2560 x 1440 (recommended)