I can not find much information about using multiple instances of CD Ripper to rip several CDs at the same time. Through experimentation I find that when everything goes smoothly it works pretty well. But I have developed some superstitions about UN-smooth situations. I would appreciate any comments:

1. Settings between multiple instances are not completely independent. For example say I am ripping three CDs using AccurateRip. I see a problem with one instance and switch to a profile that is not using AccurateRip to re-rip a track. When I start the re-rip the other instances start thinking their CD is not in the AR database (but it was up to that point).

2. Re-ripping a frame on one instance may get stuck (or at least takes a very long time) and, stuck or not, other instances of CD Ripper are blocked until I cancel the frame re-ripping (even encoding is blocked). Re-ripping again after other instances complete seems OK. OS is Windows 10. My CD drives are Plextor PX-755A over USB, PX-755A internal and PX W1610A internal. I believe I have them configured correctly to use C2 error detection and buffer clearing.

Because of these issues my default setting is to use AccurateRip but no secure rip. This is wonderful 90% of the time. For those situations where I want secure rip I wait until I can rip from one drive at a time. This is not a major burden but if there is a better way my life would be a bit simpler.