Thanks Oggy,

Thats very interesting.

Yes, BrandX was with early Phil Collins. I would definitely say 'Jazz Rock'. There was a similar band in the North East called 'Back Door'. I think it was Sax, Bass and Drums? Though some might argue that they were all experimenters of early-FUSION.

Yes, I suppose the bigger your CD collection the likely hood of more and more 'Styles' rises. I am planning to try and stick with five or so 'Genres'; and the same total for 'Styles' - if possible.

Would you happen to notice, please, if when you add a 'Style' tag dBpa then creates a new FOLDER (ie. like it has a folder for each 'Genre')? I hope not because it will then mean folders-within-folders ... (a path I want to try and avoid this time round!).