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Thread: CD Ripper Freezes and Locks Computer

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    CD Ripper Freezes and Locks Computer


    I've been ripping CDs using dBpoweramp since 2011. Originally when I first got a Digital Streamer I ripped around 1600 CDs. Since then, I rip only when I buy a CD - which is increasingly rare because I am buying more and more hi-Res downloads.

    Back in 2011 I was using Windows 7 x64, but upgraded to Windows 10 x64 in 2016. I have ripped CDs since then.

    I have just bought a couple of rare live Carpenters CDs (Japan & Palladium).

    The first CD from the Live in Japan set rips to 64% then hangs. The drive stops spinning and the computer locks up.

    I have installed the latest R16.2.

    Changing the settings to "Burst Mode" allows the CD to rip, and be verified as accurate. Switching back to Ultra Secure results in the rip halting at 64%.

    I have two drives in this machine one Blu-Ray and one CD/DVD both display the same behavior.

    I have a Sony laptop running Windows 7 with dBPoweramp R14 installed. It rips these CDs in ultra secure without any problem.

    My understanding is that the first pass of Ultra-Secure is the same as burst mode, so I really don't understand why there should be any difference.

    Any suggestions or pointers would be much appreciated.



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    Re: CD Ripper Freezes and Locks Computer

    It is a hardware issue, or low level driver issue. No program (such as CD Ripper) should ever be able to lock a computer up, no matter what it does.

    Check the CPU is not over heating, if have security software try to remove.

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    Re: CD Ripper Freezes and Locks Computer

    Thought I should report back that I have at long last got dbPoweramp working again. It has taken just over a year of tinkering and frustration. Even now I'm not sure exactly what the actual cause was. However, what has become clear is that there were at least two issues.

    As suggested I updated all the drivers. I removed drivers one at a time, tested dbPoweramp then re-installed or updated the driver. I even removed all the drivers, and did a wholesale re-install. The biggest nightmare came when I used Microsoft Driver Verifier (DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE), it caused a continuous install/rollback BSOD loop, and I was on the verge of re-installing windows, when I discovered how to recover the situation!

    Still no luck getting dbPoweramp to work without freezing everything.

    Next I started on programs, and uninstalled all programs that I no longer use or were rarely used.

    That was the first real bit of progress, because for the first time in over a year when stopping a rip I didn't have to re-boot the computer. dbPoweramp was still ripping with errors on every file, but at least was not locking up.

    I then went through settings, and verified everything was correct. Then I set about changing things one at a time. Eventually I hit upon disabling C2 error reporting. Eureka!!!

    Despite my drive reporting C2 errors, having that checked produced error rips. I can now use dbPoweramp to its full again!! Hooray!

    I don't need anyone to do anything, but thought I'd share my experience in case it proves useful for someone else.



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