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Thread: Recommendation video converter > mp4 to wmv?

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    Recommendation video converter > mp4 to wmv?

    Love dBPoweramp but struggling to find good/secure video converter for mp4 to wmv/wmv to mp4. Tried many freeware apps including highly recommended 'Dimo', the latter after Windows version installation immediately informed me cannot open mp4. Useless software for me. Following comment belongs in 'Wishes' section, but my wish is dBPoweramp with video conversions from Windows > Mac and Mac > Windows including all the most common video formats. I'd definitely pay extra for this as can generally trust dBPoweramp unlike many of the dodgy video conversion apps I've tried. If a trial version app is not functioning as advertised, why the heck would anyone pony-up for the pay version?
    If you know, based on experience, good app for mp4 to wmv/wmv to mp4 file conversion - please share information.
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    Re: Recommendation video converter > mp4 to wmv?

    dBpoweramp Video Converter is the one for you!:


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