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Thread: tmp files returning after being deleted

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    tmp files returning after being deleted

    Just last week I started having the following occur. I'm making the assumption it's connected to DBP.

    In the course of my work I convert mp2 files to mp3 before placing them onto the drive our automation uses for on air content. There are 2 files - named 9136.mp3.tmp.mp3 for example - that do not clear after conversion. I manually delete them only to have them reappear at some point later on. They have no content, they are blank files. I'm running version 13.3 due to a long story that I won't relate here. OS is XP Pro (yeah, I know it's ancient; I don't hold the purse strings here). I've never encountered this in the 7 years I've been using DBP here at work.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Is it even something that's connected to DBP? Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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    Re: tmp files returning after being deleted

    dBpoweramp would create these files when converting and there is an existing filename with the same name as the destination, however they should be removed after conversion. The software would not create these files if not converting.

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