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Thread: Getting many errors, all of a sudden

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    Question Getting many errors, all of a sudden

    In the last few weeks, I have been getting frequent errors when ripping CDs. These are mostly CDRs from a prosumer Marantz CD recorder. I have been ripping these CDRs error-free for years. Now I get many errors, and have to re-rip tracks several times. I am pointing dbPoweramp to my networked Vortexbox appliance. No changes in router or other equipment. I seem to have plenty of disk space both on my laptop running Win10, and my Vortexbox appliance. Any thoughts? TIA.

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    Re: Getting many errors, all of a sudden

    You would have to try a different CD drive, it is likely the old drive is on its way out.

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    Re: Getting many errors, all of a sudden

    Or your CDr's are expiring. Try with a pressed (genuine) disc?

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