These events occurred a few minutes before I created this post.

I tried to purchase dbPoweramp R16 using Paypal. I know my R15 PO number is valid because it took me to the page that offered the various upgrade choices. But, when I clicked the Paypal button nothing happened. I waited about a minute and clicked the Paypal button again, and was warned that the purchase had already been submitted. I never saw any Paypal screen, and never entered any Paypal credentials. And Paypal has no record of the transaction.

I tried again using a credit card. I entered and verified the details. Your provider declined my card. I called the card issuer and verified there were no problems with the card. I used the "Back" button to return to the card entry page and tried to enter a new card. This one was from a different issuer - when I clicked on the new issuer's button, I got the purchase already submitted warning page again.

I'd like to upgrade, but I can't pay you. There's a problem on your payments page or I'm not using it correctly and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.