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Thread: RE: 'Amazon Fire' as a Music Player?

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    Question RE: 'Amazon Fire' as a Music Player?

    Hi folks,

    For those forum members who are already familiar, and have kindly helped, with my 'Sony NW-A35 Walkman' saga, I would like to update you that I have recently explored another avenue.

    I was looking at this model ('HD8') from Amazon:


    There are, fundamentally, two reasons why I have been interested in this particular device. Firstly, as an alternative 'music player' to my Sony Walkman (which suffers a 'volume' issue - either as a fault or because of an 'EU' Law). Secondly, because I had to ditch my old and battered 'Win_XP' PC recently - basically it died! And so I would still like to keep my work/music PC offline as much as possible. In other words, the Amazon 'Fire' would basically replace my old 'Win_XP' which I used to use for surfing/eBay/Hotmail/forums etc.

    My first concern would be with ascertaining whether or not the 'Fire' has the same volume restriction - as per 'EU' regulations.

    Out of the box, the device cannot play FLAC files, but apparently you can d/l an app. from the Amazon app-store which will perform this task (called 'Power Music Pro'). I would have thought there are others though such as 'VLC'?

    Storage-wise, there are two models: 8GB and 16GB, if I am correct. But you can use a micro-SD card for expansion up to 256GB.

    Let's assume there is no volume restriction, if you will. Do you think it is a good idea to have a music-player device which is going to be multi-tasking across a range of duties, please? Compared to (say) my current Sony Walkman which is, ultimately, just a Walkman.

    The 'Sony 'NW-A35' was (I think) circa 160GBP, and so the Amazon model is half the price.

    Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.


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