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Thread: 2017 News Letter

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    2017 News Letter

    In the last year dBpoweramp has been updated to R16, featuring a completely new and fresh interface design. Each aspect of dBpoweramp was evaluated with one goal, to streamline and improve user interactions.

    R16 includes the latest codec versions, a new Discogs Internet metadata provider, and high resolution art from PerfectTUNES. ID Tag Editor sports a great design with predictive typing, entering metadata has never been this easy.

    Upgrade your R15 (or older) registration by logging into your registration page and follow the substantially discounted offer link.


    PerfectTUNES comprises of a suite of programs to manage your music collection, focusing on 4 areas: ID Tagging, album artwork, duplicated tracks and ripping accuracy.

    Since the last newsletter PerfectTUNES has gained a fully featured tag management program. The design ethos behind ID Tagger was to create a powerful tagger, but one which is simple to use, we are confident we have delivered on both counts. Different views, or insights are offered into your music library, tag fixes can be made quickly across your entire audio library, without having to know where individual files are. PerfectTUNES ID Tags can smartly offer corrections to your library and display the consistency of Sort tags.

    Have a dBpoweramp Reference license? follow the PerfectTUNES 25% discount link on your Reference download page.

    Asset UPnP

    Asset the renowned audio UPnP server is now available on Apple OS X, QNAP NAS, Raspberry Pi and Linux, in addition to Windows. Asset R6 released a short while ago on Windows, which features Asset Collections, which create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries. R6 is now in testing for these other platforms.

    On the Horizon

    Introducing TuneFUSION, TuneFUSION's one purpose is the synchronization of audio, from your main library to a different device or location (flash disk for car, network folder, remote computer through the Internet). Rather than a simple synchronization program, TuneFUSION's power stems from its ability to selectively encode certain file types, knowing about lossy and lossless formats. The selection of files is impressive, with ability to create a 'New Albums' listing on the device which self-updates each synchronize.

    PerfectTUNES is in development for OS X.
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