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Thread: Asset R6 beta [Mac, Linux]

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    Re: Extended log features - helpful to clarify differences in title count ?

    Actual status:

    - Asset on Mac mini pointing to Synology counts correct figure (27.032 tracks), irrespective of protocol (AFP or SMB).

    - Asset on Win10-PC count result show smaller difference (27.027 tracks, i.e. only 5 missing).

    - Changes of SMB version on Synology have no impact on count result on RasPi
    (possible SMB versions:
    = min V1 + max V1,
    = min V1 + max V2,
    = min v1 + max V3,
    = min V2 + max V2,
    = min V2 + max V3).
    RasPi connects to share under any SMB version, Win10 requires at least SMB V2. SMB version was found to be important for Kodi / LibreElec
    (see http://https://libreelec.tv/2017/09/...n-v8-1-2-beta/ re. problems due to SAMBA changes).

    - Log created during "Rescan all" has 169.704 lines, detailed analysis will take some more time.

    - Remembering similar differences in track count under Windows resulted in the past from too long file names, will find out next if such files exist.
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