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Thread: DBPoweramp on Innuos ZEN Mini MKI

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    DBPoweramp on Innuos ZEN Mini MKI

    Recently I purchased Innuos ZEN Mini MKI 1TB, It looks like instead of Wortexbox it has DBPoweramp loaded into it.
    I would appreciate if smbdy would refer me to the docs (manual) I need some basic functionality, except cd ripping in FLAC format,
    I would like to find out how: 1, Edit Metadata, 2. Import FLAC audio files to the DBpoveramp database Those that on my Hard Drive, not CD. Some kind of DBpoweamp 101
    Thank You for your help.
    On the Asset UPnP it says version R 5.1
    I am using it via NAIM Muso QB smartphone app.

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    Re: DBPoweramp on Innuos ZEN Mini MKI

    We have clarified with Innuos that dBpoweramp has never been installed on any of their systems, however Asset is on some of their systems.

    You would have to verify with Innuos exactly which programs, and even the operation system, that is installed on your system before any help can be offered.

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