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Thread: search field does not deliver expected results

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    search field does not deliver expected results


    I use asset upnp R5.1.1 on QNAP latest update with plugplayer 4.3.2 on ipad Pro.

    When I navigate through the hierarchy, everything works as expected.
    When I use the search field, the results will be displayed on the current level as expectecd (searching for album "Ballads", will show the relevant albums)
    On the next step I tip on a specific album i.e. "Ballads" from John Coltrane, the results page is empty - no tracks are shown
    I figured out, that the initial search paramater "Ballads" is still active, although I am now at the track level - because there is no track title with "Ballads" I might see a empty page...

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    Re: search field does not deliver expected results

    It will be Plugplayer which is keeping the initial search parameter active, a UPnP server could not do this because of the design of UPnP.

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