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Thread: Support for some ID3 tags missing?

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    Aug 2013

    Support for some ID3 tags missing?

    Just installed Asset UPnP and need help.

    My library, tagged with foobar2000, relies on tags I do not see how to add to the Browse Tree:

    TIT1 - Content Group (Essential, as it's used for titles of works, while TIT2 - Title is used for work's parts or movements)
    TIT3 - Subtitle (Used for variants)
    TPE2 - Band (Used for ensembles) Noted that it's equivalent to Album Artist in Asset UPnP nomenclature. Is it possible to rename it to Ensemble?
    TDRC - Date (I only found Year, which I suppose to be TYER)
    TRCK - Tracknumber (For some sorting)
    TPOS - Discnumber (As above)

    Other tags I use seem to be available:

    TALB - Album
    TCON - Genre
    TCOM - Composer
    TIT2 - Title
    TPE1 - Artist
    TPE3 - Conductor
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    Re: Support for some ID3 tags missing?

    (Related to the above)

    Searching for more information, found AssetUPnPUserRenameList.txt and followed instructions to rename Album Artist to Ensemble.
    Thus added line as follows:
    display:=Album Artist:=Ensemble

    Restarted server, even rescanned library, but nothing happened - still have Album Artist instead of Ensemble.

    Another point:
    Tried to change tag order by editing AssetUPnPDefinedBrowseTreev6.txt.
    However, change did not appear in tree, I stopped Asset UPnP with Task manager (don't know how to stop it otherwise).
    Some changes remained, but others not - Asset UPnP seems to change the file when it starts (my text editor reports the change).
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    Re: Support for some ID3 tags missing?


    After a while, now Album Artist is renamed to Ensemble, as wanted.
    Don't know what I did, though; in fact, I think I did nothing else.

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    Re: Support for some ID3 tags missing?

    Just noted.

    Ensembles (renamed from Album Artist) also appear among Artists (although Artists don't appear among Ensembles).
    This should not happen. To illustrate: the New York Philharmonic is not an artist, it's an ensemble - shouldn't appear among artists.
    Is there a way to avoid this?

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    Re: Support for some ID3 tags missing?

    There are some differences between foobar2000 ID3v2 mappings and dBpoweramp/Asset ones.
    Most notably,
    TIT1 = "style"
    TDRC = "year"
    TRCK = "track"
    TPOS = "disc"

    Regarding album artist vs ensemble-
    You can add the display remapping, but on the inside Asset will still think they're album artists and shove them into the 'artists' table, as you've observed.
    I think the proper way of this is to use 'orchestra' field, but it's not what TPE2 currently gets read as and you surely don't want to retag your whole collection for this. Perhaps we can add an option to read TPE2 as 'orchestra'? Since right now there's no 'orchestra' field in our ID3v2 mapping, other than a custom TXXX field.

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    Re: Support for some ID3 tags missing?

    Sure, if there's an option to make TPE2 to be understood as Orchestra, not as Album Artist, that would do.
    Important point is to avoid it being shoved into Artists.

    May I suggest the use of Ensemble as label instead of Orchestra (because it may be an orchestra, but also a string quartet, a piano duo, a choir and so on).

    p.s. Isn't it strange to use TIT1 for Style?.
    If one looks at http://http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0, it's clearly stated there that "The 'Content group description' frame is used if the sound belongs to a larger category of sounds/music. For example, classical music is often sorted in different musical sections (e.g. "Piano Concerto", "Weather - Hurricane").

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