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Thread: Nimbie Disc Drive No Longer Recognized

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    Nimbie Disc Drive No Longer Recognized

    I've had two separate Nimbie units have the same problem on multiple computers in the last few days. The Nimbie Loader is recognized by the computer with no problems, however the disc drive itself comes up as an Unknown Device. I've replaced USB cables, tried different ports, even different computers (all Windows 7) and the disc drives are not recognized. I was able to get the unit recognized on a Window XP computer so I know the Nimbie is working.

    Anyone had a problem like this in the last week or two?


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    Re: Nimbie Disc Drive No Longer Recognized

    I just purchased the Nimbie USB Plus Blu-ray version a couple of weeks ago. It took a few days to finally get Win10 to recognize the drive. Then, it took another day to get dbPoweramp to talk to it. Then, I ripped about a dozen discs successfully before the drive started rejecting every disc I put in it. I tried about 250 different discs in it. All rejected. The two optical drives in my PC were able to rip the same discs bit-perfect. Now, I'm waiting for Amazon to talk to the seller to try to get my money back on this unit. In the time I spent trying to get it to work, I likely could have ripped my entire collection (1000+) using just two to four drives. I really wanted the thing to work, but it was a massive waste of time for me.

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