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Thread: Stuck on CD and wont move on - VGP-Xl1B

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    Stuck on CD and wont move on - VGP-Xl1B

    Sometimes Batch Ripper hangs. It will come to a CD and just stay there trying to rip a track. When this happens, it will go on indefinitely. I had the ripper going and came in the next morning and it was stuck. I tried to Cancel Track, Cancel Disk, nothing.

    I couldn't even cancel batch. dpoweramp and ripper wouldn't close, and I had to go to task manager. This has happened 3X in 43 disks.

    Using a VGP-XL1B.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Stuck on CD and wont move on - VGP-Xl1B

    It will not be CD Ripper (which batch ripper calls) which is locking up, but rather the CD drive and it is not returning any data.

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