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Thread: dBpoweramp R16.3 Beta [Windows]

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    dBpoweramp R16.3 Beta [Windows]


    Batch Converter added new right click on file(s) >> Show in Explorer or Edit ID Tags
    mp3 tag reading optimization
    Apple Lossless encoder no longer requires WaveformatExtensible 1:1 channel mappings
    Album Sort is no longer split as a multi item tag if has '; ' in the name
    m4a Show Work Movement is set to 1 automatically if Work is filled and either Movement Count, Number or Name are filled also
    WAVE LIST tags which are not recognized are sent over as WAVELIST-xxxx so the wave encoder can write them to a new Wave file with same unknown name
    ID Tag: Option to disable predictive typing
    FLAC updated to 1.3.2
    mp3 Lame updated to 3.100
    Popup info tip will display Unable to read track details, file corrupted or not supported. and will try to display tags
    ID Tagger can read and tag files which cannot read the audio from
    CD Ripper: tab order improved, rip button has default focus after cd insert
    Tag Editor includes high DPI images

    Bug Fix: MusicBrainz was not retriving album art
    Bug Fix: Flac tagging, if tag did not have a vendor string (non-standard) then previously was writing a 2nd tag block
    Bug Fix: [track_unpad][track_total_unpad] naming values now work
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper when ripping set to use temp folder (and move tracks after) would fail if had no album art
    Bug Fix: Album tag was being written as \n when had a ; in the title
    Bug Fix: Adding a compilation tag through tag editor would not save newly added tag


    <now released>

    Note install over the existing version (without uninstalling old) to maintain the registration status.
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