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Thread: converting combined disc and track tag

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    Dec 2012

    converting combined disc and track tag

    Hi I downloaded a large album of flac files where the track field had the format D1-01 with the first 2 characters being the disc number and the second 2 being the track number

    I believe I can use perfect tunes to edit individual tracks but is there a way with db power amp or any other software to apply logic to set the disc number field based on the reference in the track number field, i.e. read d1 and input 1 into the disc field, and then replace the track number with just the last 2 digits, i.e. replace d1-01 with 01?

    Any useful suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: converting combined disc and track tag

    If it is just 1 album, I would edit manually, setting up an automated effort would take way more time (even than 99 tracks).

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