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Thread: TuneFUSION Release 1 Beta [Windows]

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    TuneFUSION Release 1 Beta [Windows]

    Introducing TuneFUSION

    TuneFUSION's one purpose is the synchronization of audio, from your main library to a different device or location:

    Right now TuneFUSION can synchronize to:

    Foobar2000 mobile (1.1.18 needed or newer)
    Removable disk (such as flash disk for the car),
    Network Share

    Later additions might add:

    Dropbox, Amazon Glacier

    Rather than a simple synchronization program, TuneFUSION's power stems from its ability to selectively encode certain file types, knowing about lossy and lossless formats. To apply transformations on the encoded files (such as reduce album art size, or volume normalize). The selection of files is impressive also, with abilities to create a 'New Albums' listing on the device which self updates each synchronize.


    Please direct all discussions to:

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