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Thread: Rip stalls as soon as starts - drive doesn't spin up

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    Rip stalls as soon as starts - drive doesn't spin up


    Been happily using Reference 15.3 to rip in Win7 SP1. However now when I use CD Ripper, the disc is recognized and meta data pulled from the internet, but when I start the actual rip the timer counts up but no progress is made and the drive does not spin up (irrespective of which of the 2 optical drives I use). Cancelling the rip indicates it is cancelling but never completes the cancellation and the CDGrab executable cannot be stopped in the Task Manager. The OS does not crash but I am forced to reboot the computer to end the executable process. Windows explorer will still identify the drive and presence of an audio disc throughout. I have also tried ripping using Mediamonkey and can still do so. Other troubleshooting has been limited to a system rollback, standard uninstall/reinstalling dbpoweramp (but not the codecs etc), running ccleaner. At this point (with my limited IT knowledge) my next troubleshooting option is a drive wipe and entire system reinstall which I'd very much like to avoid. Any help would be most appreciated! Apologies if I've missed a similar post with resolution.



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    Re: Rip stalls as soon as starts - drive doesn't spin up

    Try this:


    However to me this seems like a system lockup at a low level, perhaps hardware related, even a reinstall of Windows might not help.

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