I have used the Windows version of the Reference version for many years (in a VM) and was thrilled when you released the Mac version. I've been using it since it came out and have now upgraded to release 16(1).

One of the pleasures of using the Windows version was being able to upload my own rip results to AccurateRip, knowing that I was helping the community. I've looked and looked in the Mac version and I can't see any option to upload own results, and I've probably ripped a couple of hundred CDs since I've been using it.

I see from the website for teh Mac version that:

"AccurateRip by comparing results from other peoples rips, a match to their rip is a 100% certainty it was without error, no other secure ripping method can get this close to verifying error free rips. Once a month AccurateRip will request to send your results to help populate the database."

I've never been asked to do this by AccurateRip in the Mac version; am I missing something? I do like to be helpful!