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Thread: v15, 16 - Ripper won't Switch will (mac)

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    Thumbs up v15, 16 - Ripper won't Switch will (mac)

    One on the reasons I like dBpoweramp is the thoroughness of Spoon's work. It will attempt to verify and correct a single tract almost forever before giving up and saying there's a problem it can't fix.

    I accept that as correct. I've come to trust dBpoweramp after 10+ years of using it (I think it's at least that long, starting on Windows; - certainly in it's earliest days). if I want an accurate reproduction of a CD, I'm glad to know the track is broken beyond dBpoweramp's ability to repair.

    NCH's Switch and of course iTunes will accept and convert anything you give them - and, sometimes it's a single track that's not really important (mono, made in the early 60's), that's OK and I'll use Switch to convert that track, with the foreknowledge that what I hear isn't, in some way, correct.

    Meaning, of course, dBpoweramp's threshold of acceptability is higher than anything else on the market (and I've tried them all).

    Thanks for all your hard work, Spoon. You can't be getting rich. from this, but the only other author with your level of dedication and standards for quality is Ed Hamrick, author, developer and maintainer of Vuescan.

    Thank yuou

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    Re: v15, 16 - Ripper won't Switch will (mac)

    Thank you

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