I'm using this great product for quite some time now. Because I'm blind and depending on a screenreader and Keyboard Support there are some Things that I'm not able to handle.
First, in the Batch converter I can't set up dynamic file names because with the Keyboard it seems to be not possible to at Elements such as Artist or Album to the file Name.
Second, in the dBpoweramp Control Center I can go through all the Options. But I'm not able to modify them with the Keyboard. So currently, it's read only for me. The same Problem apears when I click the Advanced Settings button. I can read everything but am not able to Change any Settings.
It would be great if you would be able to help out and to improve Keyboard Support so I'm enabled to use this product properly.
I'm working with the free Screen Reader NVDA http://www.nvaccess.org
It would be amazing if you could help out all the visual impaired users out there.

Thank you in advance