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Thread: [codec] m4a AAC FDK Encoder R5 [windows]

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    [codec] m4a AAC FDK Encoder R5 [windows]

    This version includes writing both ISO and iTunes compatible gapless information.


    http://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/dBpow...C) Encoder.exe

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    Re: [codec] m4a AAC FDK Encoder R5 [windows]

    Hi Sppon,
    not sure if this is related to my "old" iPod touch, but when I convert FLAC files to M4A files with R5 I can import them into iTunes (as before), I can synchronize them with my iPod (iOS 6.1.6) (as before) but when I try to play them on my iPod each single Track will be skipped immediately. This is valid for all new converted music files.

    I switched back to R4 and now I can also play the tracks on my iPod as before.

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