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Thread: CD Writer Temp File Problem

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    CD Writer Temp File Problem

    The best way to describe this:
    I select a group of WAV files on bottom right window to Add to the left area to build my CD.
    When I select Add, the following happens using one WAV file as an example:
    First attempt top Add>
    DPA kicks on and converts the files to the same format as it currently is. I click finish and the file does not appear in the left window in what I think is the "temp" area where we build the CD tracks.
    I look at my original WAV file and original time stamp for creation is unchanged.
    Second attempt to add>
    DPA again kicks on and warns me that I am about to overwrite my file. I allow it to and it instantly completes and again the file remains unchanged.

    Now I try a different directory and file. Do the same as above with the same first attempt results EXCEPT, the "converted" file now appears in the original directory.

    Bottom line is I cannot create a group of files or a single file to appear on the left to build the CD.

    I went through all the steps to get CD Writer to run (reinstalled and forced dB Poweramp to 32bit), then had to run automatic compatibility to get the CD drive to appear.
    Removed everything and reinstalled fresh, all latest versions - still nothing.

    I am willing to remove everything from my Win registry with some guidance if you think that will help.

    I am running Win 10 64bit.

    Please help!


    dBPoweramp registered user.

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    Re: CD Writer Temp File Problem

    I am sorry to say, CD Writer is unsupported (if it works, great, if not...) for the last 4 years.

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