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Thread: Can dbPowerAmp be used to copy metadata?

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    Can dbPowerAmp be used to copy metadata?

    I'd like to use dbPowerAmp to copy the metadata from one version of a file to another.

    I have my CDs ripped to FLAC stored on my home server, with OGG versions created at the same time they were ripped (thanks to the multi-encoder) stored in other folder. I treat the FLACs as the master versions, and use them whilst I am at home, whilst the OGGs are copied over to my phone, tablet and laptop for use in the wider world. Since the FLACs are treated as the master versions, any metadata updates/corrections I make after the fact are made to those. What I'd like is to set up an automated way to copy/merge those metadata updates into the OGGs. I realise I could just re-encode them from scratch, but a) given the processing power of my home server, that will take quite a bit of time (my main computer can convert my entire library in ~1 hour, but it has a quad-core i7 vs the server's dual core Celeron), and b) it's totally unnecessary as the audio won't have changed.

    Is this possible somehow?

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    Re: Can dbPowerAmp be used to copy metadata?

    This is the program for you:


    It will automatically sync changes.

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    Re: Can dbPowerAmp be used to copy metadata?

    Great! I'll take a look.


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