I just purchased dBpoweramp Reference and am having trouble running the C2 error detection test. I had a trial of the program a while back and had no trouble running this test in the past. Now that I have the full, paid version, I tried to go in and set up secure ripping, but I keep getting stuck on "Reading until C2 error detected...". The progress bar hasn't started moving at all and my CD drive isn't doing anything. I have inserted a disc with a black marker triangle on it (I've used this disc to test for C2 errors with dBpa in the past and it's worked fine. So far, I've tried two different drives, uninstalled and ran the cleanup program that was provided before reinstalling, and updated my firmware on both drives. Also, when it gets stuck, my CD drive isn't doing anything, but my hard disk activity light comes on and stays on. I'm running Windows 10 x64 and have tried using both the ATAPI iHDS118 5 ATA drive and a HL-DT-ST BE-RE BE12LU30 drive.

Thanks in advance!