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Thread: AR (200) Error in Red

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    AR (200) Error in Red


    Sorry... I am a noob to dBpoweramp. I am trying to rip an Audio CD. First attempt at ripping one CD I received what I think was an error message as it was in RED an error message for many of the tracks on the CD. As I recall this error message was "inaccurate" or something like that. I changed a setting to Secure Rip and am trying to re-rip only the tracks that didn't rip properly the first time and I new receive an error message in RED "AR (200)".

    I entered AR (200) into the Forums Search, and didn't find anything. Is there an Index of all of your error codes with explanations? Or will you please tell me what I am seeing?

    I thank you in advance!

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    Re: AR (200) Error in Red

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