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Thread: OSX iTunes cd ripper separators

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    OSX iTunes cd ripper separators

    After using dBpoweramp for Windows together with iTunes for quite some years, I have recently switched to OSX.

    I can't seem to figure out which separator to use in the cd ripper for OsX. Under Windows10 when importing files into iTunes the separator ";" was automatically converted to "/". Under OsX however there are some strange effects

    when I use ";" iTunes regards it as different value
    when I use "/" iTunes uses only the first value

    -when I fill in three names in the Composer or Genre field and I use the separator that iTunes* uses ("/") it comprises only the first name in iTunes, *literally by copying the value from the iTunes field
    -when I use ";" as a separator, iTunes regards is as a different value (genre Dance/Disco/Post-Disco and different genre Dance;Disco;Post-Disco)

    Another strange thing happens when I use ";" as a separator, the column in some tracks only shows one name, while in other tracks where the field also contains more than one name, it shows all names

    Which separators should I use to the effect that the values inserted in dBpa are one on one copied to iTunes?

    Regards, Thijs
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