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Thread: "Automatically Add to iTunes" not working ... AGAIN

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    Cool Re: "Automatically Add to iTunes" not working ... AGAIN

    Quote Originally Posted by garym View Post
    I'm out of ideas. I've never had an issue with itunes recognizing my files created in dbpa. I don't use apple lossless however. But I've not seen others with your issue either (and there are likely thousands of dbpa users that create apple lossless files).

    A couple of things to confirm, in case you haven't yet:

    1. Can you open and play these dbpa created apple lossless files on a player other than itunes (just to confirm the files play ok and don't have a problem). Use foobar2000 or VLC or some other player.
    2. As a test, what if you create mp3 files or m4a files with dbpa and put those in the "add to itunes folder". Do they work? Or do they fail too. Trying to see if this is a problem for only ALAC or all files.
    I spent the better part of today doing a series of Windows recoveries in an effort to locate the point in time at which the ripping process started to go wrong. I was back as far as 12/16 & ready to give up when a thought occurred to me. All along there had been a question as to why one of the 5 libraries, Library 5, was not malfunctioning like the other 4. It was malfunctioning, but differently, & that was corrected by a reorganization & consolidation of the library. I decided to create a sixth library based on Library 5 & using dbpa, I ripped a cd to it. Voila! It went to the library & the directory just as it was supposed to do. So, where was the difference? Apparently, Spoon's comments regarding file naming had planted a seed in my brain that took a while to germinate. I thought, maybe the tagging sequence was different in the "Naming" fields of the respective dbpa profiles. Sure enough, that was it. A back-slash had been appended to the end of the tagging sequence of Libraries 1 through 4. It must have happened when I was mucking about with the tagging, about which I knew nothing. I removed them, copying the correct sequence so that the tagging of 1 to 4 was the same as 5 & 6. After this & some reorganization & consolidation of the directories, everything seems to be perfect.

    So that, I hope, is the end of the story. Thank you very much for your contributions of thought & time to you & Spoon & mville & Dat Ei. I am feeling greatly relieved at the positive outcome. Back to ripping with accurate & secure dBpoweramp!

    Happy New Year!
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    Re: "Automatically Add to iTunes" not working ... AGAIN

    Perfect. I was pretty sure it was something odd yet simple once uncovered. Happy you're back on track!

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    Re: "Automatically Add to iTunes" not working ... AGAIN

    A back-slash had been appended to the end of the tagging sequence of Libraries 1 through 4.

    It's those little things that drive us crazy.

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