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Thread: OSX vs Windows quality secure rip

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    OSX vs Windows quality secure rip

    Hi all,

    I haven't watched this site for a while and was very surprised to find an OS X version of dbpoweramp available now. Thinking about a new system to do a batch rip of approx 600-1000 CDs I am now wondering which version to use (OS X or Windows). My main concern is the quality of the discs which are not registered in accuraterip since these ones would not be a problem, correct?

    What about the quality of the secure rip implementations between OS X and Windows? As far as I understood, handling of CD drives differs a lot when it comes to driver support etc. and all the nifty details required for secure rip (e.g., cache handling/disabling/invalidation etc.) seem to possibly lead to differences between both OS versions. Can someone shed some light on this issue?

    a) Given the same drive, will the OS X and windows versions produce exactly the same result given a non-acuraterip CD ripped in secure mode?
    b) If not, are there drives more advised to use on a specific OS version?
    c) If not, is one version more qualified when it comes to secure mode?

    Thanks to all, great forum.

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    Re: OSX vs Windows quality secure rip

    They should be the same.

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