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Thread: Asset R5.0.1 for mac OS & Linux beta

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    Asset R5.0.1 for mac OS & Linux beta

    Current version: beta 9 (Linux), beta 8 (Mac)

    Beta 7 for Mac introduces redesigned user interface. More details and discussion here.

    Fixes since R5:
    • Corrected playlists folder not being indexed in various scenarios.
    • More robust handling of OSX bookmarks for network shares & external hard drives.
    • Renamed "RadioTime user name" setting to "TuneIn user name".
    • Fixed some general settings (Asset Name & TuneIn user name in particular) not having any effect.
    • Fixed various internet radio handling bugs.
    • Fixed various cases of files prefixed with a dot not being hidden from Asset indexing.
    • Additional debug logging features to troubleshoot obscure bug cases.
    • New measures against certain control points hammering 'dynamic browse' tree infinitely.
    • Added control point blacklist/whitelist.
    • Fixed Asset becoming unresponsive when trying to play a file that no longer exists in the filesystem.
    • Fixed some of allowed browse tree objects not being possible to select.
    • Entirely redesigned Mac user interface [beta 7], now residing in system menu bar instead of the dock.
    • Added the ability to edit raw browse tree data.
    • Added configuration dump feature on mac OS.
    • Added missing replaygain related options on Linux.
    • Added an option to disable server-side album art resizing.
    • Fixed album art resizing bugs on Linux.
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    Re: Asset R5.0.1 for mac OS beta

    Hi Spoon,

    Another small bug for you in R5.0.1 B2 to do with playlists - hidden files (i.e. those starting with a .) are being read in and listed. This didn't happen with 4.7 (i have both versions now).


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    Re: Asset R5.0.1 for mac OS beta

    Now at beta 3
    Hidden file handling should be all fixed.
    Many internet radio bugs have been addressed.

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    Linux & QNAP binaries have been added.

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    Re: Asset R5.0.1 for mac OS & Linux beta

    Now Released

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