I found the cool "Smart Capitalize Tags" button on the 'review metadata (ALT+M)" window.

It helps me already nicely to modify tags to modify first capital letter of each word.

I'm maniac about file names and it's very annoying to modify nearly all titlle (except title with only one word) of every cd's manually (i have more than 500 to do).

Could it be possible to add a button to "Smart capitalize tags" (only first letter of sentence is in Capital... not all first letter of each word).

I found this nie command in another software... so visibly it could be done.

Another user showed me the cool setting DSP-ID tag processing-Capitalize but 2 problems with it:

-There is no option to capitalize like "Smart capitalize tags"
-Even if added we don't see the result before ripping (annoying by example word of cities, name,.. requires a capital letter because we have to modify it after ripping manually or with PerTunes...) more work for one CD.

Thank you to give me an answer to see if it could be aded or if not (so i would need to find another waty (very annoying) to do it post-riipping.

Other users of this app may rate my post to maybe have more credits to the developpers.

Thank you.

Thank you for reading me.