If used from the command line...

1. is Resample the latest-greatest DBpoweramp sample rate conversion engine, the one which features so well on the famous Infinite Waves SRC comparison site?

2. Can I set both the Min and Max for Resample to 44100, so that if any file other than a 44.1 file is input, it will get converted to 44.1, and if 44.1 is input, Resample processing is skipped?

3. Can I set Resample to output 24 bit instead of 16 bit if (and only if) it processed a file other than 44.1? In other words, if a 16/44.1 file is input, the output file be 16/44.1 ; but if a 16/48 file is input, the output file will be 24/44.1 ?