I am running Asset UPnP Version: R5; Functionality: Premium Registered on my QNAP TVS-463.
I also have MinimServer running on the same NAS.

When I compare the number of tracks they are in agreement.

When I compare the number of Albums they are not.
MinimServer shows 1955 albums.
Asset UPnP shows 1956 albums.

Asset UPnP Configuration settings related to Multi-Disc Albums
Multi-Disc Albums show as '[Disc] [Track] [Title]' checked
Multi-Disc Albums extract disc number from album tag not checked
Multi-Disc Albums show as 'Album, Disc x' not checked

I have spent several hours comparing the two and can not seem to find the extra album in Asset UPnP.

I then ran a script that listed the folders on the server and I seem to have 1955 folders that each contain the tracks for one album.

I also noticed that Asst UPnP has one album group called Unknown Album.
Does the Unknown Album group count toward the total number of Albums?

Does anyone have an idea about how I could resolve this mystery?

Thank you,