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Thread: Folder view.

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    Sep 2016

    Folder view.

    I use "Folders & Filename Browsing" most of the time, but it is somewhat hidden under "Advanced Search".
    Is there a way to move the option one level up, to the main menu?
    My Asset UPnP is on a QNAP NAS.

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    Re: Folder view.

    There is a way to get exactly what you want.

    1. Open Asset UPnP configuration.
    2. Click "Edit Browse Tree" at the bottom.
    3. In the first row, choose insert before
    4. In the newly inserted row, choose "folders & filename browsing" from the dropdown.
    5. Go to the bottom of the page, hit "apply".

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    Sep 2016

    Re: Folder view.

    Thank you Peter.

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