So, for reference, here is the beginning of this thread...which I am now posting further in the correct subthread:*post169102

I have just uninstalled (completely) then reinstalled R16.1, then uninstalled (completely) the CD Writer...and then tried uninstalling both, then only reinstalling R16.1, then deleting the CD-Writer file folder...then installing it and letting it install "over" "v 3.1" which it detected...and now I'm going to try something else, because that did not work.

Nor did following the "compatibility" steps referenced in the third thread referenced in the first thread I linked above. Or the second thread, if this one is the third thread. brain is still not quite firing correctly. Yes, I am still doing tech support stuff for my own computer, family, and network. Apparently while a little high (legally)...on some goooooood stuff, apparently.