Hi everyone, as a keen music lover and an "ole Fart" retiree (70+) I have just had to replace my dead Logitech Squeezebox. My generous kids bought me an NP30 and I'm having issues with it reading my music (mp3) accurately by "Genre". All my files have ID3 tags generated by MediaMonkey on my Apple iMac but each UPnP/DLNA server software I've tried (Plex, Serviio, UMS, etc) either makes setup very complex (or is it just my old grey cells?) or gives me random play of all my tracks no matter which genre I choose. They all seem to be designed mainly for video streaming. I'm trialling Asset in the hope that I can "simply" enjoy my reasonably large music collection (8,600 tracks) by genre, to suit my particular mood. This was very easy with the Squeezebox but it only lasted 8 years :0). My tracks are set up in folders such as "Blues", "Oldies", "Easy Listening", "Popular Hits", etc, and have been loaded into Asset. They are contained on an "always on" external Firewire 800 hard drive as is my complete library in a folder named "All Trax", which again have full artwork and ID3 tags appended. Am I doing something basically wrong or was the NP30 not a good choice? It sounds very good through my Yamaha/Jamo audio setup, so I would appreciate some advice/assistance before the trial runs out so that I can hopefully get my music back into a rather "silent" home.