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Thread: mass removal of duplicate tracks

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    Re: mass removal of duplicate tracks

    If PerfectTUNES is no longer indexing, then it does not have access to the music, try to browse with Windows explorer to the music, if it asks for a password enter it, then PerfectTUNES will be able to access also.

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    Re: mass removal of duplicate tracks

    Hey guys, New member here and first want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

    I have read the replies here for the most part and gather that this program scans all directories that we point it to obviously? My question is once the results are shown do we have to go back and hand select each copy we have delete for every unwanted music file? I have over 24k duplicates. I am looking for a program that will scan all directories leaving ONE file (as suggested by the member who initially posted here) in the directory I choose as my music source and highlight ALL other files for easy 'mass' deletion. Is there such a beast because my hunch is this program is asking me to go through each and every result it produces and select each I wish to delete. That would be all fine and good if I did not have copies of music spread out over my C/...J/...K/ drives etc. If any of us needing a program to delete unwanted duplicates had all 'those' duplicates sitting in one or another drive then it would be rather easy to delete them now wouldn't it? Fact is they are every where and maybe I am missing an easier process in this program (which looks pretty awesome on first use) to achieve my goal here. Put simply...does this program leave one copy behind if scanning all directories (that knowingly have music files I have pointed too) or is that up to me to single out the file I want to retain on every result? Many Thanks for any help.

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