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Thread: Asset for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

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    Asset for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

    Updates to Asset are listed here, to update your Asset, for Registered users:


    The trial version can be downloaded:

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    Re: Asset R5 for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

    R5 Changes

    Changes R5:

    * DSD support
    * UPnP search support
    * New database design, faster at indexing, browsing albums
    * Upstream art uses compilation artist, but will replace with non-compilation later
    * Now uses persistent browse ids (even if asset is restarted)
    * Dynamic browsing added [List Albums]
    * Monkey&*8217;s Audio codec
    * Added a forced timed rescan option to help with scenarios where folder change tracking doesn't work reliably
    * Added an option to hide [All Tracks] / [Shuffle Tracks] items - in both configuration and per control point overrides; use [NoAllTracksItems] in control points override to hide these items.
    * Fixed a bug causing MP3 files to take a long time to index on slow machines
    * Fixed &*8220;download configuration dump&*8221; giving malformed file on machines with little /tmp space, QNAP in particular

    R5.1 Changes

    Mac introduces redesigned user interface.

    Corrected playlists folder not being indexed in various scenarios.
    More robust handling of OSX bookmarks for network shares & external hard drives.
    Renamed "RadioTime user name" setting to "TuneIn user name".
    Fixed some general settings (Asset Name & TuneIn user name in particular) not having any effect.
    Fixed various internet radio handling bugs.
    Fixed various cases of files prefixed with a dot not being hidden from Asset indexing.
    Additional debug logging features to troubleshoot obscure bug cases.
    New measures against certain control points hammering 'dynamic browse' tree infinitely.
    Added control point blacklist/whitelist.
    Fixed Asset becoming unresponsive when trying to play a file that no longer exists in the filesystem.
    Fixed some of allowed browse tree objects not being possible to select.
    Entirely redesigned Mac user interface [beta 7], now residing in system menu bar instead of the dock.
    Added the ability to edit raw browse tree data.
    Added configuration dump feature on mac OS.
    Added missing replaygain related options on Linux.
    Added an option to disable server-side album art resizing.
    Fixed album art resizing bugs on Linux.
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    Re: Asset R5 for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

    R5.1.1 Changes

    Fixed bugs related to iTunes M3U playlist reading.
    Configuration dump feature has been split into "normal" and "complete", the latter not exporting huge album art cache file, as the resulting dumps were problematic to transfer.

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    Re: Asset for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

    R6 Changes

    New Feature: Asset Collections: create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries
    Indexer can exclude specific artists, genres, etc
    New option to set the static tree icon backgrounds a set color, defaults to black
    Added new option to rename shown text in browse tree, or map tags to different values, see Asset Configuration >> Advanced >>
    User Rename List (Display /Tag mapping)
    New option to combine multi-disc albums as one album (disc 2 would have tracks offseted from 100) enabled by default
    Improved Linux web interface, made apply button semantics more obvious as that it was confusing before
    Mac OS 10.9 is now the oldest supported Mac OS for the Asset application.
    It's still possible to extract and manually launch service itself on older Mac OS versions.
    Web config cosmetic tweaks, made various Apply buttons larger
    Web configuration tweaks - links open in new tabs to prevent loss of not-yet-applied edits.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed multiple web config bugs
    Added missing browse tree editor options, "new albums" and others
    Fixed a bug preventing auto-descending browse tree items from working
    M3U8 playlist file reading fixes.
    Added missing multi disc album handling options.
    Fixed debug log writing regressions.
    Fixed seeking in ALAC files.
    Fixed folder browsing not working on mac.
    Folder browsing now also picks folder images from images embedded in audio file tags.

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    Re: Asset for QNAP, OSX, Linux & Pi

    R6.1 Changes

    Search changes merged from Windows codebase.
    Better handling of ../ relative paths in playlists.
    Better response to entering an invalid path in media/playlists folder configuration.
    Added visible feedback when there's not enough free space in Asset's data folder.
    Prevented the same criteria under "Additional" from being selected more than once.
    Playlist manipulation fixes.
    Made specified playlist folders indexed recursively.
    Prevented 'playlists' root browse tree entry from disappearing when no playlists currently reside directly in the specified folders.
    LAME updated to 3.100
    libvorbis updated to 1.3.6
    Various debug logging refinements to aid with future debugging.
    Improved reading of ArtistSort, AlbumSort etc values from various file formats. We now accept either spelling of the field name, "artist sort" (with space) or "artistsort" (without space) and so on.
    QNAP packaging and folder structure cleanups - no more config data in bin folder, smaller distribution size.
    File naming cleanups, removed "trial" which confused some people - installing trial or beta over registered always results in Asset functioning as registered.
    Added support for new QNAP devices with 64-bit ARM processors, TS-128A and similar.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed ugly Asset device image due to outdated included image.
    Fixed missing album art for some folders when browsing by filenames & folders.
    Fixed "download configuration dump" feature giving wrong data on embedded Linux (QNAP and other NAS types).
    Fixed mishandling of UTF-8 BOM in M3U8 playlists.
    Fixed web configuration glitches.
    Fixed download configuration dump giving nonsense on embedded Linux... previous fix wasn't quite working as it should. *sigh*
    Fixed for specific devices such as LG TV hammering Asset and causing excess memory usage.
    Fixed missing playlists after manual editing of browse tree text.
    Fixed lockup when trying to stream non existent files without decoding/reencoding.
    Fixed extreme memory usage when a client walks a large shuffle-tracks folder in small steps (encountered with LG TV).
    Fixed missing DoP option for DSD files.

    Download from:


    or for Registered users:

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