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Thread: Integration of PerfectTunes into dBpa Control Center

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    Integration of PerfectTunes into dBpa Control Center

    I have dBpa R16.1 registered, and now I also have PerfectTunes 2.1 registered. Unlike the web online help for the dBpa Control Center, no PerfectTunes button shows up in my dBpa CC. Actually, the dBpa CC screenshot on the web even has the PT free trial as a button. Would like to have it there, or better still have the AccurateRip button from PT in the dBpa CC.

    How do I do this?

    Win 7 64-bit Enterprise
    dBpa and PT installed 64-bit versions

    Sequence of purchasing and installing:
    - dBpa registered v 15 purchased and installed
    - PerfectTunes v 2 free trial installed
    - dBpa registered v 16 purchased and installed - The dBpa Control Center does not get the PerfectTunes button
    - PerfectTunes v 2.1 registered purchased, uninstalled free trial, installed PT registered - Still the dBpa Control Center does not see PT and doesn't get a button for it
    - Since I bought dBpa and PT at different points in time, I didn't opt for the bundle, but rather took two separate licenses - Consider this a courtesy for a very useful program suite.

    Thanks in advance for helping me to get a PerfectTunes or AccurateRip button into the dBpoweramp Control Center, as shown by the online help!

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    Re: Integration of PerfectTunes into dBpa Control Center

    The button is only there for people who do not have PerfectTUNES to be made aware of its existence. If you already have it you access PerfectTUNES control centre using the icon on the desktop.

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    Re: Integration of PerfectTunes into dBpa Control Center

    Thanks for the explanation. Such a button might be a nice-to-have but inessential idea for the future...

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