Hi Spoon,

I work continuously on high-contrast-mode (switch on with left-Alt+left-Shift+PrintScr) using the high-contrast-*1 theme.

And since a long time dbPowerAmp does not fit into this accessibility supporting UI coloring - sadly.

Please take a look at the screenshots:

  1. The main window with loaded audio CD 2016-08-15_13-20-07-dBpoweramp CD Ripper.jpg
  2. The meta information review window 2016-08-15_13-33-25-dBpoweramp CD Ripper_ Manual Meta Review.png

Why this chaos of differently rendered, colored controls? Why not getting managed to have them all in the same way - even if not high-contrast-conform?
Why some have black text onto (correctly system colored) black background?

Why not using system colors at all? Or only if high-contrast is "detected" - by color analysis or by system information properties query?

If an application is not high-contrast-aware, than I hope it will be in the future.
If an application has a chaotically colored UI and this continuously over releases, than my hope for more "quality" in the UI lowers with each (bug-fix) release.

Do not get it wrong - your software is the best and even fighting with its UI, I use it!

But as software developer and customer with eye disabilities, I wonder why the application is this way, why it does not change, or the developer of this application does not seem to care (not replying to similar complaints in the past)!

My user experience with dbPowerAmp is over the years not that good, because the UI does not really cares for OS standards. But it works perfectly!
After releasing R16 I really was disappointed about not getting more support by a more "unified" and homogeneous UI or even high-contrast-support.

With R16.1 I see more "technical" bug fixes and "logical" enhancements, but the UI still misses the necessary (rendering) fixes and the main overhaul!

Best regards,

Martin Lemburg