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Thread: How do I request a refund? Where is support?

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    How do I request a refund? Where is support?

    Hello, I have purchased the software for mac but not downloaded from the supplied link so I'm still in the unregistered version. No metadata is being retrieved for my jazz cds which leads me to believe the metadata search is suspect and I'm not interested in all the manual work until I've ruled out other options. Anyway, how and who do I contact for a refund?

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    Re: How do I request a refund? Where is support?

    So your first post is to request a refund. Seems like it should be a description of your problem and then folks around here can suggest ways to solve the problem. But maybe that's just me. By the way, metadata has worked well on 99% of the over 5,000 CDs I've ripped. So there's likely something simple in your setup that needs to be tweaked. But you provided very little info to help diagnose. (and this forum is support, by users and by Spoon the creator of the program).

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